Asahi Rubber has produced high quality mechanical rubber products for the automotive and other markets for decades ranging from O-rings, gaskets, and mat seals to holders to packing and dampers to buttons and switchpads and front-loading CD player rollers. Among the materials we work with are silicones, EPDM, NBR, H-NBR, fluorosilicones and other fluoropolymers.

Functional Rubber Products

Elastomeric Switchpads

Standard grade and high grade silicone polymers to meet load and snap needs

Match desired FS characteristics with support from our experienced team

Contact resistances ≤100Ω to ≤1Ω available in carbon, nickel, and gold varieties

Mechanical Rubber

We can produce to your drawing with a wide variety of materials and molding techniques

In-house tooling design


Flexible thermoelectric module in novel rubber substrate

Harvest waste heat as electricity or reverse to use as heat pump

Conforms to curved or rough surfaces better than common ceramic types