Custom Optics and Asahi Rubber Optical Design

Producing Your Custom Optics

Already have your own drawing and silicone material selection? Asahi Rubber can tool up and produce for your project.

We’ll advise you as to our capabilities against your requirement, and we can offer our recommendations to refine the design or material to maximize manufacturability and performance while minimizing cost.

Asahi Rubber has experience with many polymers from a wide array of suppliers. We have equipment to produce both liquid and millable silicone, in either compression or injection, as appropriate for specific requirements.

Contracted Optical Design

Have a need for optics and looking for outside design support? Asahi Rubber optical engineers can design to your needs while tapping into our extensive materials expertise.

Asahi Rubber optical engineering uses Zemax design software
Sampling of Supported Applications

Nonimaging UV/Visible/IR light applications

  • Automotive Lighting Component
  • Active Matrix Headlight Primary Optic
  • IR Transmitter/Receiver Optic
  • Signage Collimator
  • Luminaire Directional Lens
  • Compact Electronic Device Lens
  • Ultraviolet Irradiator Collimator
  • Medical, various
Sampling of Optic Type Designs Available
  • Aspheric Lens
  • Convex Lens
  • Dome Lens
  • Fly-eye Lens
  • Fresnel Lens
  • Cylindrical Lens
  • Free-form Lens
  • Rod Lens
  • Light Pipe


Can we get a quote first?

Certainly. Initial consultation is free and all serious inquiries are welcome.

What is needed for a design quote?

Requirements [examples]: dimensions/mechanical, environmental (heat/chemical/weathering), optical performance targets (distribution/angles, intensity/irradiation at distance)
Inputs [examples]: light source dimensions, distance, distribution, intensity/flux, wavelength *if possible please supply ray data and CAD model
Each of above as applicable–the more information you can provide the better we can support.

How much does design work cost? How long does it take?

The difficulty of the design work depends on the complexity of the assignment. More basic projects start at around US$2000 and one week. Complex designs with multiple light sources or multiple optical surfaces can require much more time and cost.

For the design service, does the material have to be silicone?

No, Asahi Rubber will design for you per your material selection.

Can we procure tooling and parts with Asahi Rubber?

If the material is silicone rubber then yes. If other, at this time no but Asahi Rubber may build partnerships with thermoplastics and/or glass makers in the future.

What procurement options are available?

Asahi Rubber can procure and produce with inexpensive sample molds for just a few pieces, low-capacity tooling for more extensive samples or small lot production, and high-capacity mass-production tooling for quantities as high as millions.

What is needed for a procurement quote?

Assuming the design and materials are fixed, necessary information include quantities/required capacity, start of production timing/order lead time requirements, shipping destination, and confirmation of any other customer-specific requirements.

What is the largest silicone lens you can manufacture?

Roughly 220g; maximum dimension roughly 200mm to vary depending on shape.

What are the limits on possible shapes for silicone optics manufacture?

Minimum R=0.05mm as a rule of thumb, depending on configuration.
Sheet thickness minimum <0.5mm, molding draft angle <0°.

We already have a drawing and (silicone rubber polymer) material selection. Can you just produce to our design?

Asahi Rubber cannot categorically deem all designs possible, but in principle yes, absolutely! Please contact us.

What other advantage is there to sourcing silicone optics from Asahi Rubber?

We have a unique and proprietary processing that all but eliminates outgassing concerns. An additional step after secondary vulcanization reduces residual D3-D20 volatile siloxanes by over 98%; D3-D10 volatile siloxanes are reduced by over 96%!
Silicone is well known as having the drawback of outgassing complications, which can foul other optics or electronics, and the mass loss can alter the optical characteristics of the outgassing part. Asahi Rubber has a decades-long track record of silicone use in the demanding automotive industry including applications such as watertight headlight assemblies with high temperatures where strict controls are a must.